Need to hire truck drivers?

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Simply put, we are digital nerds with a passion for trucking. Ever heard of such a thing?

The driver recruitment landscape has evolved dramatically in the last 5 years. While many carriers and recruiting companies have suffered when it comes to building their driver network, we have continued to capture the attention of drivers across the nation.

Why you ask?

Because drivers are searching online!

Just building a website or landing page simply isn’t enough. Capturing the attention of your target audience requires a full digital strategy in every regard. Our web properties make it simple for carriers to attract drivers to their company. Most importantly, our carriers get hires.

Calling the driver shortage an epidemic is an understatement. We know you need professional truck drivers, and you need them yesterday. Over 100 carriers, big and small, utilize the CDL Marketing solution with month after month success. Let us prove to you what so many other carriers have found…

qualified drivers, trucks on the road, and a low cost per hire.

The CDL Marketing

  • Craig J.


  • Ben O.


  • Scott A.


  • Jeffrey H..

    Creative Director

  • Nathan W.

    Vice President

  • Gustavo M.

    Product Director

  • Ian S.

    SEM Director

  • Pat O.

    Campaign Manager

  • Ken D.

    Senior Developer

  • Dominika F.


  • Robin R.


  • Cait G.

    Campaign Manager

  • Dave O.

    Campaign Analyst

  • Ryan D.

    SEM Analyst

  • Britta R.


  • Josh V.


  • Jennifer C.


  • Ciara D.


  • Melissa B.

    Content Writer

  • Jordan C.

    Partnership Manager

  • Joe C.

    Campaign Coordinator

  • Laura Z.

    Senior Content Analyst

  • Rachael K.

    Paid Media Coordinator

  • Chirali M.

    Sr. Developer

  • Corey B.

    Paid media Trucking Lead

  • Kristina B.

    Social Media Manager

  • Larsa W.


  • Matt E.

    Head of Business Development

  • Srinath D.

    Sr. Developer

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